Why we’re here

At Psithur our mission is to provide knowledge teams a better way of working with information. Our adaptable technology helps users discover valuable insights and tell a better data-driven story. We relish the opportunity to work with organisations that are looking to realise significant business benefit from better technology and processes.

Our Company

Psithur is an Australian enterprise software company based in Canberra. We launched in late 2020 with our innovative business information Platform "Symplast". We are currently building our business offering solutions that use Symplast as their foundation. We aspire to partner and work with modern data centric organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Our Founding Team

While Psithur is a new company our foundations run deep. Our founders, Felix and Jason, have both spent more than a decade working in the Australian Federal Government delivering complex technology solutions, capability and strategy. They’re now committed to bringing their expertise to the wider community.

Our business and product names

Our name Psithur comes from the shortening of an ancient word "Psithurism" which is derived from the Greek word psithuros (which means whispering).

Psithurism is the sound that the wind makes when it blows through tree leaves. It's a word that's not really used any more, but the sound of the wind rustling through trees means - for us - the possibility of change and the power created when lots of small interconnected things (information) are understood or experienced on a bigger scale.

The name of our product Symplast comes from the same botanical term; its the cell structure in plants that facilitates transport of water and nutrients around the plant.

Our product helps organisations conquer their most complex challenges by harnessing the value of their information to gain insights and tell a better data driven story.